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Norka Instrument Data Acquisition System (NIDAS)

Norka Instrument Data Acquisition System (NIDAS)

>>NorkaInstrumentDataAcquisitionSystem(NIDAS)Brief Description:InstrumentDataAcquisitionSystem(NIDAS)ismainlydesignedforconnectionandcontrolofMooneyViscometerVSMVseriesandMulti-functionRheometerMFRser

>> Norka Instrument Data Acquisition System (NIDAS)

Brief Description:

Instrument Data Acquisition System (NIDAS) is mainly designed for connection and control of Mooney Viscometer VSMV series and Multi-function Rheometer MFR series made by Norka as well as some other rubber testing instruments, with its function of data acquisition,   storage and analysis.  Its strong network function will make it easy for users to realize remote control, transmission and data processing.


1) Test Method Management: to set various test conditions to meet users’ requirements and flexibly select data points needed to check as requested;

2) Control Instruments: to directly order instruments to fulfill testing procedure;

3) Data Acquisition: to acquire data, such as temperature, time, torque, etc. at the frequency of 100 points per minute and completely record data during the whole testing process;

4) Control Standard: to set control limitation for each point needed as quality control standard.  After the test, automatic judgment of pass/fail will be displayed on the screen with corresponding green/red indicator flash-on. Furthermore, standard version management function offers users with keeping improvement of quality control;

5) Control Trend Chart: to draw control trend charts to easily know the tendency of data change or fluctuation trend;

6) Report Forms: to generate test report of single test, summary, test curves, customized form and information, company logo, etc;

7) Statistics: to calculate by statistics such as Means, Standard Deviation, Deviation Limit, CP, CPK, etc. to analyze the tested results;

8) “One-to-multiple mode”: to connect 8 instruments at most by one PC work station at the same time;

9) Networking Function: to connect multiple work stations by network and to collectively store data into appointed server to realize data processing and improve testing efficiency;

10) Data export: to export data in the form of XML, so that users can connect the system with their own ERP systems or carry out other some other analysis.

Technical Data and Specification:


V 2.0

Hardware Requirements

P4 CPU, 512M Memory, 40G Hard Disc, and an RS232 Serial Port

Operation System

Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista
Microsoft .net Framework 2.0


Standard: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (database capacity of 4GB)
Can upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Full Edition (optional)

Communication Port

RS-232 Serial Port

Networking Mode

10M/100M/1G LAN, TCP/IP Protocol

Connectable Instruments

Multi-function Rheometers MFR series, Moving Die Rheometer MDR2000,
Variable Speed Mooney Viscometer VSMV Series, Mooney Viscometer MV2000

Sampling Frequency

100 data points/minute


English, Chinese



Software Interface



Rheometer Test



Trend Control Chart

Report Forms

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