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When I was a kid, I found Dad always checked his watch upon hearing the broadcasting time signal "Beep----! It's now Beijing time at...". One day, I asked him inexplicably why he should always check time? He answered that the watch might be inaccurate. I asked him more why we should check Beijing time while we were obviously being in Shanghai.  He said it is the standard time in China. “It could be screw-up! Most probably you don’t know the exact time when you had two watches.” Dad answered when I questioned what if each city had its own time.  With a superficial understood, when the radio time signal sounded again, I subconsciously looked up the clock on the wall. If some difference, adjusted it......
After growing-up, I was on a trip but the entrance gate was closed a minute ago right upon my arrival for my watchtime error. Watching beside the guardrail the train slowly moving through, what my father ever said reverberated “Watch might be inaccurate”. 
Working at sales of rubber test instruments for over 20 years, I was often facing test data differences from users by using of their test instruments in large quantity with brands, which makes QC headache in making a pass/fail decision from thousands of the test data generated by the instruments, just like trying to know the exact time from dozens of clocks or watches indicating different time. 
AFA has come back from the sales front to slog himself to verify the essential factors of both rotorless rheometer and Mooney viscometer, such as oscillating degree and frequency, torsional strain, temperature, die gap, torque standard, rotor speed, etc., which strictly complies to the stipulations of GB or ASTM.  What AFA doing hopes to support that QC and R&D never get headache again and easily make quality decision
The radio time signal is beeping again, I subconsciously check my watch, exact!