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Shanghai AFA

AFA (Instrument) Technologies Shanghai Ltd. was founded in 1994, aiming at the promotion of the international rubber test methods and applications in China domestic market as its own responsibility, the introduction and development of rheological test as its core technology of rubber test instruments for nearly 30 years. With the popularization of Rotorless Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer in the rubber industry, the standardization of test methods and the quality of test data have been caused much concerns from users.
Nowadays, Rotorless Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer play an important role in the quality control of the rubber production as well as the research and development in tires, rubber products, raw materials, institutes, etc. However, the test results that may be from tens of thousand tests per day are much depending on the applicable test instruments with the structures, qualities and the test method standards, which makes QC or R&D difficult and complicated to evaluate the subsequent processing quality.
For any Rotorless Rheometer or Mooney viscometer, as a measurement device, it marked by its manufacturer with the nominal output, such as the oscillation frequency, the torsional strain, the die temperature and the test time, or the rotor speed, etc. But there may be differences between the nominal outputs and the reals causing from different structure, design principles, wear-out, or even improper operation, which becomes main reasons of the test result differences before concerning the test result differences from rubber materials. 
Shanghai AFA turned from the sales front to this special service providing of rheo-test technology verification, with the patented Angle-frequency Verification Tester DFV2025 for all types and brands of Rotorless Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer and the patented Torque-standard Verification Tester TSV2025 for all types and brands of the torque standard that is main re-calibration device for the rheometer.  These two testers have been verified by relevant official organization.